Goodbye, Molly(Jasmine), Flower

Here is the theater post I did for O Theatre. They performed a Children show called " Goodbye, Molly(Jasmine), Flower" in this summer. 


Here is one of scenes I did for showing on the stage wall at "Goodbye, Molly(Jasmine), Flower". It was one of pages in the scraping book of Molly(Jasmine)'s childhood. Then next year, my friend and I remade their entire motion graphic that had to interact with actors on the stage.

 這是O劇團 多媒體劇場《再見.茉莉.花》的牆上投影圖,我幫忙作一些茉莉兒時的照片剪貼簿。 隔年我和朋友一起重新製作要跟他們演員互動的動態影像。

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